New Features Available in Ministry Manager

Monday, April 26, 2021

The Upper Room Emmaus Ministries is pleased to announce the addition of two much-anticipated new functions in Ministry Manager. They are mass messaging and the payment portal, as well as some new roles and permissions.

For those not familiar with Ministry Manager, this community management application has been developed by The Upper Room to provide a complete, full-spectrum community management package to our Emmaus Ministries communities. Communities will no longer need to maintain separate data files, rosters, and communications applications to manage their communication strategy and community information. With the rollout of these two new functions, Ministry Manager can now begin to fully realize the goal of bringing communities under one unified model for delivering all Emmaus Ministries and managing the Fourth Day programs to sustain renewed communities and continue to renew Christian disciples and strengthen local churches.

Mass Messaging
The mass messaging function was prayerfully developed and designed to enable our Emmaus communities and their members to communicate effectively to enhance their Fourth Days. But it was also developed to enable The Upper Room and International Emmaus Ministries to communicate with the leaders and members of our partner communities.

With the release of this tool, Ministry Manager now provides a communications process to help communities that currently do not use mass messaging and presents a capable replacement for communities that are using subscription-based systems (such as Constant Contact, My Emma, etc.). The mass messaging tool extends enhanced capabilities to community members by connecting them via email outside of Ministry Manager, something that was not possible before this release.

Payment Portal
The payment portal has been developed to enable communities to semiautomate the process of paying participant fees to The Upper Room. More payment functions will be available in the future.

These two functions are now available but will be made accessible in different ways. The payment portal is available immediately when the designated person is assigned to the treasurer’s role. The mass messaging will be rolled out to a few communities each week so as not to overwhelm the new system sending the emails. When a community is added to mass messaging, each community member will receive an email asking them to opt into or out of email preferences. Here is what you will see when you log in to Ministry Manager: 


If you are a member of a community that already uses Ministry Manager, please address your questions to the data administrator in your community.

If your community is not yet using Ministry Manager and you would like more information, please email our Ministry Manager Support at [email protected].