Emmaus Ministries Training Presentations

These training modules are available for all Emmaus Ministries leaders and participants. Please use the presentations in conjunction with the Emmaus Ministries Community Manual which is available online at the Upper Room Bookstore. The training modules provide guidance for all four Emmaus Ministries programs: The Walk to Emmaus, Chrysalis, Face to Face, and Journey to the Table.

Training for Board Members

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors Training Module provides an overview of the responsibilities of the Board, the requirements of the Covenant, and the importance of committees. This module also offers guidance on how to organize as either a Working Board or a Governing Board.

Clergy Laity Partnership

The Clergy Laity Partnership Training Module provides practical guidance on the ways that Clergy leaders and Lay leaders within the ministry can effectively work together during the planning of the experience, the running of the experience, and the ongoing follow-up to the experience.

Core Elements

The Core Elements Training Module provides an overview of the specific elements of each of the Emmaus Ministries experiences in regards to the planning, the execution, and the on going follow-up to the experience.

Team Selection

The Team Selection Training Module provides guidance for team selection committee on how to select the conference room team for each of the Emmaus Ministries Experiences.

Governing Board Structure Overview

The Governing Board Structure Overview is a video that explains the benefits that communities who offer two or more programs may experience by adjusting their organization to the Governing Board model. As a supplement to this video, you can download the pages from the Emmaus Ministries Community Manual on the Governing Board Structure.

Additional Training coming soon for Clergy, Team Members, and more!