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The Upper Room Emmaus Ministries is pleased to announce the addition of two much-anticipated new functions in Ministry Manager. They are mass messaging and the payment portal, as well as some new roles and permissions.

For those not familiar with Ministry Manager, this community management application has been developed by ... more
The pandemic has affected Emmaus Ministries in various ways. Some communities had to completely shut down, and many of them had trouble staying connected to ministry activities that were important to them. Other communities managed to use technology to stay connected through Virtual Gatherings and Reunion Groups. We can only speculate about what ... more
Journey to the Table continues to be available to all Emmaus communities as a resource for ministry with young adults. While many other things have been changing this year, a group of leaders started a nonprofit dedicated to supporting ministries with young adults, including Journey to the Table. As Emmaus ... more

2021 Covenant Package

November 30, 2020

As we look forward to 2021 we ask all the community boards that are part of the Emmaus family of ministries to read and sign our annual Covenant Letter.  This Covenant represents an active relationship between The Upper Room and each community.  

All Community leaders have been sent a ... more
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