Fourth Day Reading

We recommend the following books to nurture your fourth day journey. The books are divided into subject based on the talks given at an Emmaus weekend.


A Wakeful Faith by J. Marshall Jenkins


Prevenient Grace
Remembering Your Story by Richard Lyon Morgan

Let Me Ask You a Question by Matthew Croasmun



Priesthood of All Believers
Workbook of Living Prayer by Maxie Dunnam


Justifying Grace
Leading a Life with God by Daniel Wolpert


Life in Piety
Upper Room Disciplines
From Pew to Pulpit by John Gilbert
Talking in the Dark by Steve Harper


Grow Through Study
Upper Room Disciplines


Means of Grace
Devotional Life in the Wesleyan Tradition by Steve Harper
Conflict and Communion by Thomas Porter


Christian Action
Climbing the Sycamore Tree by Ann Hagmann
Kindred Souls by Stephanie Ford
Transforming Ventures by Jane Ives


Obstacles of Grace
Workbook on the Seven Deadly Sins by Maxie Dunnam & Kimberly Reisman


Praying in the Wesleyan Spirit by Paul Wesley Chilcote
Keeping Company with the Saints by Maxie Dunnam
Transforming Evangelism by Henry H. Knight III & Douglas F. Powe Jr.


Changing Our World
A Mile in My Shoes by Trevor Hudson
Stretch Out Your Hand by Tilda Norberg, Robert D. Webber
Way to Live by Dorothy Bass, Don C. Richter


Sanctifying Grace
Creating a Life with God by Daniel Wolpert


Body of Christ
Accountable Discipleship by Steven W. Manskar
Kindred Souls by Stephanie Ford


Patterned by Grace by Daniel T. Benedict
Accountable Discipleship by Steven W. Manskar
To Walk in Integrity by Stephen V. Doughty


Fourth Day
Companions In Christ
Love Never Ends by Robert and Jeanette Lauer
Remembering Your Story by Richard Lyon Morgan
Get Real by Derek Maul
Loving the World with God: Fourth Day Living by Rebecca Bruff