Wall Agape - More Blessed to Give than to Receive

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We realize that all communities are in need of wall agape.  So our previous system of requesting wall agape has been replaced with a system where it is easier than ever to give agape. 


Our new website allows all community members to see exactly which communities have weekends taking place each week of the year, by searching the events by a start date.  For example this link will take you to the page where it is filtered by a weekend start date of September 15, 2015


This allows Community Agape Coordinators, Reunion Groups, and even individual Community members to give Wall Agape for specific weekend events.  You can use the filter by start date feature for as many weeks of the year as your community can support with Wall Agape and prayer.  Also, your community members can now be in prayer for the many walks happening around the country and the world!


Next to each event is an email address for the Agape Chairperson.  When you send your community Wall Agape to a community, you can also provide the information for them to return their community Wall Agape.  Similarly, other communities will see that your weekend is coming up and can send their Wall Agape to you.  


Please be sure to have your Community Lay Director update your community’s upcoming weekends and contact information for the Agape Chairperson to be sure you receive Wall Agape for your upcoming Emmaus and Chrysalis Weekends.


And don't forget to send Wall Agape to Chryslis as well!