Meet the New Fourth Day Coordinator

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hello Emmaus and Chrysalis Communities!


I am so excited to be a part of the leadership team that is here to support and encourage you all in your Fourth Day and Next Steps.  My own journey began in 1996 when I attended my Chrysalis Flight in Crossroads of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Over the past 15 years I’ve had so many of the experiences that each of you have had:  I’ve served on weekends, both inside and outside of the conference room.  I’ve attended monthly gatherings, sendoffs, candlelights and closings. I’ve served on the board and team selection committees.  I’ve been a part of weekends that included too many local ideas, and weekends that were nearly identical to the model.  These are the experiences that have shaped my fourth day. 


Over the past four years my passion for the Emmaus and Chrysalis movements has grown.  I just completed a three-year term on the International Advisory Committee and I’ve been working in the Northeast as an Assistant Regional Leader for Chrysalis.  In both of these roles I have been able to share my heart for Emmaus and Chrysalis with Communities around the Country and around the World.  On your weekend, do you remember when you were introduced to your new community for the first time?  Someone said these words, “Can there be anything greater than the body of Christ loving us on behalf of Christ?”  I get that same feeling each time I am at a Leadership Development Event, or IAC meeting.  As I look out across a room full of Pilgrims and Butterflies from different communities, from different states and from different countries, I see the Body of Christ working together to share the love of Jesus Christ.


It is a privilege to be on this journey with each of you.  In the coming months and years you will see me working in many ways to promote your personal and your community’s Fourth Day/Next Step journey.  I will be working on ways to use technology to bridge the gaps between communities whether they are in neighboring states or halfway around the world.  I look forward to developing tools to help build and strengthen your community’s network of Reunion Groups and Gatherings.   But more than all of that, I can’t wait to get to know you, to hear your Fourth Day story and learn from each other as we walk along this road.


De Colores and Fly With Christ,