NEW Emmaus Ministries Handbook: Available Electronically!

Friday, February 23, 2018

We are excited to share the newest resource for communities, the Emmaus Ministries Community Manual. This resource takes the place of both The Upper Room Handbook on Emmaus and The Upper Room Handbook on Chrysalis. It explains the ins and outs, and the whys and hows of all four Upper Room Emmaus Ministries – The Walk to Emmaus, Chrysalis, Face to Face, and Journey to the Table.

The Emmaus Ministries Community Manual provides a comprehensive overview and explanation for the Emmaus movement and all of the ministries, both from theological and technical perspectives. The handbook answers many questions and offers insight into the reasons behind the design of Emmaus Ministries and the accompanying procedures.

This Manual does not represent any changes to the Emmaus Ministries programs, it is simply a better, more accessible, way to learn about and understand these programs. This manual is available for purchase by anyone interested in learning more about the Emmaus Ministries – board members, and community members alike. It is available in three formats:

Printed resource (bound, not 3-hole punched)

Kindle resource (for Kindles and Kindle Apps)

ePub resource (for other eReaders such as Nook)


In addition to this new manual which is AVAILABLE NOW, we will be releasing updated program specific manuals throughout the remainder of the year. The additional Walk to Emmaus manuals will be available in March of 2018. The additional Chrysalis, Face to Face and Journey to the Table manuals will be available in August of 2018.

We are encouraging communities to continue with their present resources, but to purchase the new manual as soon as they can and begin to plan how they will transition to these new resources.