A New Look for the Future

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A New Look for the Future: 

The Growing Emmaus Family


For over 30 years, we’ve been offering the Walk to Emmaus for adults and Chrysalis Flights and Journeys for youth and young adults. As we’ve continued to offer these programs, we have seen the need to reach more people with appropriate life stage offerings. As a result, this year we will launch Face to Face for adults who are 60 and older, and, in 2016, we will introduce Journey to the Table for young adults between the ages of 18 and 35.


The development of new programs and the rebranding of the existing ones bring us, not only to design logos for the new offerings, but also to update the existing ones. As you have already seen from the new header at the beginning of this email, Emmaus and Chrysalis have a new look!

Following many months of creative and strategic efforts, it is with great joy that we share the redesigned logos for Walk to Emmaus and Chrysalis, as well as the new logos for Face to Face and Journey to the Table. 

Your first opportunity (other than this email) to see these new logos in action will be on our redesigned Walk to Emmaus brochure that will be available in inventory soon. Please note that this does not mean that you have to reorder brochures immediately. Feel free to finish your present stock of brochures before reordering.


As we share this exciting news with you, we ask that you begin phasing out the present Walk to Emmaus and Chrysalis logos and that by January 1, 2016, they be totally replaced with the new ones.


The new logos are available for download here.

You do not need an account with Dropbox to access them. You will also find in the Dropbox an article about the new designs that can be added to your next community newsletter.


These logos are a first step of our 2025 Strategic Plan, which was the outcome of a time of questioning and reflection. We look forward to sharing more of the strategic plan in the coming days. Our hope is that the information we share with you will inspire local board and community reflection about the promising future of Emmaus programs.


We are excited about our new logos! Our updated, cohesive look helps to show that we are one family of ministries, working together to share God’s love throughout the world.