Emmaus & Chrysalis CSD and CLD Orientation Recording

Thursday, January 16, 2014


If you missed participating in the live webinars offered in January, or you want to watch it again, you can VIEW THE RECORDING HERE! Prior to accessing the recording you will be asked to complete a registration form*. 


This webinar orientation session is designed for new and continuing Community Lay Directors and Community Spiritual Directors and will help you get your board of directors started on the right foot with key reminders and important resources for the coming year.


This 1 hour webinar will:

Provide an overview of how to be a 4th Day community,

Review key responsibilities of the Board,

Demonstrate how to navigate the website and order supplies,

and Answer additional questions.


Please note, during the recording you can turn features like the comment window, polling window and table of contents on or off by clicking the appropriate icons.  Also, during the webinar we will reference documents available for download.  These documents are available in the online boardroom or by clicking the links below:


If you have questions or difficulty registering you can contact Edna Vaughan (615) 340-7113, evaughan@upperroom.org

Documents for Download

Recommended Emmaus Manuals

Recommended Chrysalis Manuals

Recommended Library Series Reading

2014 Covenant Cover Letter

2014 Emmaus Covenant

2014 Chrysalis Covenant

Manual Dates of Changes

Ordering Emmaus and Chrysalis Supplies


*The registration form will need to be completed each time you view the webinar.  This information is for our office use only.