Leadership Development

We are in our 4th year of Leadership Development Events. These events are specifically targeted toward board members; however, they are open to everyone.   We meet with both Emmaus and Chrysalis together. With anywhere from two to ten different communities present, it is a wonderful opportunity to network and share ideas. 

Check our listing for an event happening near you.

Regional Directors

Regional director status is assigned to your account by Upper Room website administrators. The login credentials are the same as your normal account. If you think you should have access to this section, please email webur@gbod.org.

The Boardroom

All Boardroom Log-in Credentials have been emailed to the Community Lay Director and Community Spiritual Director based on the information on file.  If your community did not receive your log-in information please send an email to evaughan@gbod.org with your community name and the names and email addresses of the current Community Lay Director and Community Spiritual Director.

THE GIFT is a program initiated by the Walk to Emmaus and Chyrsalis movements to ensure that many from all over the world can enjoy the fruits of this beautiful ministry. THE GIFT is a financial program that allows the international communities as well as the emerging new communities to tap into the generosity of pilgrims and butterflies that the Lord has so richly blessed...

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