Your Giving Tuesday Toolkit

Monday, September 19, 2016


Emmaus leaders hope to raise $50,000 on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 to support an emerging community in Kenya which lacks resources for travel and training materials. We invite you to pray for the #EmmausGives on #GivingTuesday initiative and help get the word out!



Below are some tips and tools to help you invite your community to give on Giving Tuesday:



1. Use the #EmmausGives on #GivingTuesday SCRIPT at presentations during Candlelight and/or other community gatherings. Click here to download: presentation script (US letter downloadA4 download), Powerpoint slide (download here).


2. Share this HANDOUT in the pilgrim packets at Walks and with your community at upcoming Gatherings. Click here to download the handout: US letter downloadA4 download


3. POST on your personal and community social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). 


4. Share IMAGES that link to the #EmmausGives on #GivingTuesday webpage. Click here to download images: Square or Horizontal.


5. Add #EmmausGives on #GivingTuesday to your calendar. Countdown the days until November 29, 2016. 


6. Include information from about #EmmausGives on #GivingTuesday in your newsletter.


7. Share this letter and video from Nigel Warr, Emmaus Ministries Regional Leaders for Africa. Click here.